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April 6th: Student Check In

Let’s Check-in!

Spalding Counseling and Psychological Services would like to host a digital outreach opportunity for you to come together as a group of helping professionals to talk about how things are going during this pandemic.

Who: All students are invited to join! Topics to be geared towards those entering helping professions. (i.e. OT, Nursing, MSAT, Social Work, Education)

What: An opportunity to join in community with other students to talk about life and mental health. This will be a student led discussion. It is not therapy, but rather a place to come together as humans to check-in. Dr. Kathryn Miller will be moderating the conversation and would be happy to support anyone interested in therapy get set up with a clinician. If you are not able to attend the online check-in but would like services, you can email

When: Monday, April 6th from 10am to 11am

Where: Just follow this link-

Why: So many of you are out there helping others and taking care of the people around you. CaPS wants to provide you with a space to support each other while also being encouraged. Self-care and community are critical, now more than ever!

If you have any questions, please email Take care and be well!